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Parking Guidance Information Solutions



–           Urban Area PGI System:

The Urban Area Parking Guidance Information (PGI) System has been designed to provide real-time parking guidance and other traffic-related information to drivers approaching towns and cities and other large-scale urban environments.


Building on the innovative CP-600 Car Park Guidance system, the Urban Area PGI solution utilises state-of-the-art, low-cost wireless communications to link any number of stand-alone parking facilities together and transmit real-time parking information to motorists, thereby reducing parking search decision times and easing urban traffic congestion.


Research has shown that up to 30% of urban traffic is accounted for by drivers searching for available parking and the Urban Area PGI system delivers a very powerful traffic management tool to operators. The system provides UTMC-compliant customised management software and can be controlled and maintained both locally and remotely by the relevant operators.


Urban PGI Brochure